Familia Yangu

Genre: Drama, Family,

SKU: DT461 | DVD I, II | Year - 2012

Pombe ina mengi mabaya, na kama kuna mazuri basi ni machache sana. Leo nathibitisa mbele ya watu wote kuwa pombe sio chai, naapa mbele ya wanangu na mke wangu,
sitaki tena pombe naipenda familia yangu

Casts: Issa Mussa (Cloud), Lucy Komba (Lorna), Tsharone Kabwita (Cassie), Mohamed Mohamed (M2), Angel Dominic (Trinita)

Story Lucy Komba, Script Nas Lizo, Script Editor Lucy Komba, Director Nas Lizo, Camera Man Fredy Isike & Hassan Mbangwa, Editor Godrey ELias James,
Producer Lucy Komba, Executive Producer Poyaga Production

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