Off Side

Genre: Drama, Fantasy,

SKU: DT461 | DVD I, II | Year - 2010

A story about two young men and their father. They argue a lot about their father’s decision to bring another woman into the house and start living with her as his wife. The first son tries to understand his father’s decision but the second one refuses and a fight breaks out in the family. The second son decides to have an affair with his father’s lover. Together they plan to kill him and succeed. The second son then suspects that there is something not fishy about his father’s death and then starts looking into it.

When the lover learns that the first son is investigating his father’s death,  she decides to seduce him as well.  One day the second son catches them together and he gets furious knowing that he and his brother are having an affair with the same woman, their father’s lover. The woman then kills the second son too and the first son learns truth about his father’s death. In the end they find out that they are related, she was the daughter of their father to a woman he had abandoned a long time ago.

Cast: Steven Kanumba, Vicent Kigosi and Irene Uwoya.
Director: Vicent Kigosi, Writer: Ally Yakuti
Rating: PG-18

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