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Zamora Film Premier in Zanzibar

Posted: 03 Aug, 2012

ZG Films, led by renowned photographer and filmmaker Javed Jafferji, aims to not only meet and surpass the current standard of filmmaking in Tanzania, but to raise the bar to such an extent that it re-invents the Tanzanian movie scene and ushers in a new era of worldclass film production in the country.


Zamora Premiere - 7:15pm July 11th

with special guest, Hon. Maalim Seif Shariff Hamad

In order to achieve this goal ZG Films has been working hard to bring several high quality projects to fruition. Amongst these are a number of films promoting the islands of Zanzibar along with other acclaimed documentaries on Sauti za Busara Music Festival, Zanzibar International Film Festival, Swahili Fashion Week, Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief, and the feature film Glamour: The Reality Behind Dreams which was shown in last year’s film festival alongside a documentary on First Vice President on Zanzibar, Journey to the State House: The Life of Seif Shariff Hamad.

Besides filmmaking, Javed is also an acclaimed photographer and has published almost 50 books on Tanzania. His vision is to turn Zanzibar into, not only the film capital of Tanzania, but the African centre of film in the global film industry. Slowly, Javed is working towards his goal by supporting international film crews and promoting Zanzibar as a filming location, training new entrants into the profession and pushing for films of a continually higher quality through his company, ZG Films. 

“There are a lot of opportunities in Zanzibar to make films, it’s not yet been fully explored and more is required,” says Javed, “and with the assistance of the Zanzibar Government more can happen, as much as is required can happen.”

Javed’s latest offering is Zamora (directed by Shams Bhanji), which is set to be premiered at the Zanzibar International Film Festival this year. Javed says: “It demonstrates the scope of possibility for film in Zanzibar, I hope…” he says nodding “… that people will watch it and realize that they can find this quality of work and these sorts of locations in Zanzibar. 90 percent of the film was shot in Zanzibar and I am happy that Zanzibar’s beauty will be clearly seen.”

Zamora is the name of a traveller who returns to Zanzibar after a long absence, in search of a peaceful and loving environment to aid his recovery in a severe case of a broken heart. There he meets a very attractive girl called Zulfa and instantly falls for her charms. She encourages him to stop travelling, settle down, and make a permanent home of Zanzibar. He obliges and sets up a business in Zanzibar on her advice. Unfortunately Zulfa’s conservative and overbearing family’s opposition to her love affair with Zamora forces her to leave him. A newly heartbroken Zamora finds himself in Dar es Salaam, where he seeks solace in a sordid world women and alcohol. 

The he encounters his former lover, Zarina, because of whom he returned to Zanzibar. She is now determined to get him back into her life, and uses her wealth and influence to do so at all costs. Zamora has other plans – his heart has been given to Zulfa. The film explores the journey of Zamora and his experiences with love, art, alcohol and multiple women.

- Directed by Shams Bhanji

- Produced by Javed Jafferji

- Main cast - Richard Dyle Bezuidenhout, Richa Adhia, Habiba and Renalda Mtaki.

A ZG Films Production.

Zamora Trailer


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