The Shock

Genre: Drama, Romance,

SKU: DT461 | DVD I, II | Year - 2011

A lady is involved in a long distance relationship because her man is always traveling on business. The lady gets tired of that, she gets involved with another man and dumps her longtime lover.

Some time passes and the lady goes on a business trip to South Africa. While she is out there working her new boyfriend finds another girl and decides to dump her, so the new boyfriend begins a new relationship but soon finds out that his new lady is a prostitute and so the man decides to dump her and to find his past girlfriend. Sadly the girl had gotten back together with her first boyfriend and was already pregnant by him. So the man lost everywhere and ends up with no one to love.

Cast: Steven Kanumba and Shaz Sadry.

Director: Steven Kanumba, Writer: Ally Yakuti
Rating: PG-15

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