Uncle JJ

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Sports / Kids,

SKU: DT461 | DVD I, II | Year - 2010

Uncle JJ is a man living in the rural areas with his niece and nephew. He believes that educating a girl is just waste of time and money, so he only takes the boy to school and he leaves the girl at home. Their neighbors do not agree with him and try to advise him otherwise but he doesn’t listen to them.

The girl starts fighting for her rights to have an education and that sparks war in the house. Uncle JJ eventually gives in and decides to take the girl to the city to one of his relatives so that the girl can go to school there. He leaves everything in the boy’s care. On his return he’s shocked to find that the boy has   sold their house and property and has he disappeared.

Cast: Steven Kanumba, Hanifa Daudi and Othman Njaidi

Director: Steven Kanumba, Writer: Steven Kanumba
Rating: All Ages

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