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Steven Kanumba

Other Name/s: Steven Charles Kanumba

Date/s: 08 January 1984 - 07 April 2012

Actor | Director | Producer

Steven Charles Kanumba (born January 8, 1984), is a multi award winning Tanzanian actor, with a career spanning more than a decade. Kanumba has received numerous awards, including; Best Actor of the Year, 2006, Best Actor in Tanzania Award, 2007, Best Artist of the Year Award, 2007/2008.
Steven Charles Kanumba

Steven Charles Kanumba

Kanumba began acting at an early age, acting in as many church plays as he could, until he had the opportunity after leaving school to act and train with the Kaole Sanaa Group and receive special training with Dr Nyoni at the University of Dar es Salaam which served as a major stepping stone for his mainstream acting career.

Kanumba began his acting career with appearances in a host of local Tanzanian soap operas like, Jahazi, Dira and Tufani just to name a few. He then expanded his horizon by venturing into the film industry, his first movie being Haviliki,  which was just the beginning of great journey, for “The Great”.

Not only is Kanumba a Tanzanian household name, but he’s also acted in Nollywood (Nigeria) with some of the greatest names on the Nollywood scene which expanded his career and experience from just being a Tanzanian star to an African star with ambitions of acting in Hollywood.
Having achieved so much before the age of thirty, Kanumba feels that he’s only just begun. He looks forward to a long and fruitful career in every area of the film industry.

Not only is he a successful film star and producer, he is also very active in philanthropy. He has recently been named the OXFAM GROW ambassador for Tanzania.

Kanumba extends his love and gratitude to each and everyone that has helped along the way in his career; “first and foremost The Lord God, My Family especially my Mother, Chrissant Mhengga, Kaole Sanaa Group, Mr & Mrs. Mtitu G Game, Sharifa Kalala, Sanura Husein,  Vicent Kigosi, Producers, Directors, Artists, Friends and Loved ones and last but not least my fans all around the world”.

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