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Big Winners At Zanzibar Film Festival - 2011

Posted: 02 Jul, 2011

The winners of the 14th annual Zanzibar International Film Festival were announced on 25th June during the grand finale of the event which was held in Zanzibar, Tanzania at at The Old Fort in Stonetown.

ZIFF Industry Awards

Golden Dhow for Documentary Film – “Hidden Truth” by Penelope Machipi from Zambia.

Described as a life affirming documentary that displays the power of film in encouraging and empowering the abused women represented in the film to emancipate themselves and change their circumstances.

Silver Dhow Documentary Film – “The Last Voyage” by Riaan Hendricks from South Africa.

The film tells the story of the difficulties a family goes through when dealing with the demise and eventual death of a father.

Dhow for Feature Film – “Togetherness Supreme” by Nathan Collet from Kenya.

Described as a remarkable, vibrant feature film of high technical skill and creativity depicting a difficult and troubled period in the history of Kenya.

Best Short Film – “A Beautiful Snowy Day” by Mahaya Petrossian and Amir Toodehroosa from Iran.

The film is about a mother who faces a critical moment in her life, forced to choose between her son or to end her marriage and protect her family.

Best East African Film – “Lezare” by Zelalem Woldemariam from Ethiopia.

A touching , symbolic story based on an old Ethiopian folktale. What is the solution to the starvation of Africa’s poor? A quick, temporary solution for today, or a long-lasting solution for the future?
This question is posed through the voice of a child.

Best Actor – Okuyo Atiku Prince, from “State Research Bureau”
Best Actress – JoKate Mwegelo, Tanzania for Chumo
Best Director – Jordan Riber, Tanzania for Chumo
Best Cinematography – The Way Home Cinema
Best Original Score –Making the Band
People’s Choice Award – Taka Takata

In the Swahili Awards category
Best Feature Film – Ray of Hope by Sajni Srivastava from Tanzania.
Best Actor in a Swahili film – Jacob Stephen in Senior Bachelor.

Signis Awards
Signus Prize – Fambul Tok (USA), Sarah Terry

East African Talent Award – The Legend Of Ngong Hills (KENYA), Kwame Nyong’O

The Way Home Cinema, Dr. Biju;
Body & Soul, Mathieu Bron (MOZAMBIQUE)

Sembene Awards
Winner – Ithemba, Errol webber and Elinor Burkett

Encouragement Award – Swahili Fighting Words, Mohamed Yunus Rafiq

ZIFF Awards Special Mentions

- Manenberg by Karen Waltorp and Christian Vium (Denmark and South Africa)

- Body and Soul by Matthieu Bron (Mozambique),

- Nazaeli by Abisae Maeda (Tanzania)

Short films:
- Garagouz by Abdenour Zahzah (Algeria),

-The Moment of Truth by Oliver Valente (Tanzania)\

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